Junk Snatcher & Junk Basket

If you have “junk” in the hole and don’t want to spend a fortune, look no further than the CAVINS JUNK SNATCHER. This tool has proved time and again to be superior to all others in removing junk from open and cased holes, saving our customers’ valuable time and money.

The JUNK SNATCHER recovers all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous junk from packer parts and mill cuttings to fragments of gun junk and rubber – even rock bit cones and bearings. It removes the small pieces of metal that would not necessarily interfere with drilling but could damage expensive diamond coring heads.

The JUNK SNATCHER gets controlled high-velocity fluid action, employing up to 3500 PSI hydrostatic pressure differential to “snatch” junk into a basket, without using expensive surface pumping equipment, thus saving more time and money.

Another advantage of this feature is that your well, formation, and equipment are not subjected to excessive pressures, making the tool applicable to many situations where it is impossible or undesirable to fill the hole.

The force behind this surge has proved, in case after case, more effective than the slow flow obtained with circulation-type tools – and has the added advantage of loosening embedded pieces that could cause trouble later on.

The breaking, loosening, and positioning of junk is accomplished by rotating the pipe. In the interest of safety and efficiency, hydrostatic pressure differential is easily established at the desired optimum working PSI at the time the tool is run in the hole.

The loosening and positioning of the junk are controlled by the service representative, and the surge action can be repeatable to insure a thorough cleanout. An automatic drain feature eliminates pulling a “wet string.”

Once the tool has done its job, precurved spring catchers in the basket and a flapper arrangement above hold even the very smallest pieces of junk securely inside the basket while being withdrawn from the hole.

The JUNK SNATCHER can be run on any drill pipe or tubing. It works well using normal well fluids, field salt water, or drilling or workover fluids. Special fluids are not required. The tool and baskets are available in a wide range of sizes along with extensions and special shoes for breaking, loosening, and positioning junk for recovery. Cavins can provide a solution to fit every need.