Wireline Drill Bailers

To bore out bridge plugs, Cavins wireline tools offer several unique advantages. Use of the Wireline Drill Bailer eliminates the need for expensive bits, mills, and power swivels. Its use further reduces costs by eliminating the time required to make a trip in the hole with he tubing. It is especially effective in low fluid level wells because it recovers loose pieces of the bridge plug while drilling. Our wireline tools operate quickly and efficiently. They have been thoroughly field-tested and have established remarkable performance records. They can be run on nearly any kind of line, and cutting edges break up the plug, which is then removed with our Hydrostatic Bailer and Junk Basket services.

A common problem occurring when using bits and mills run on the tubing is for a plug or packer to rotate with the bit or mill. Since the Wireline Drill Bailer is reciprocated to chip into the plug, this problem is eliminated. Whenever reservoir pressures make running the drill bailer on wireline difficult or dangerous, the drill bailer should be run on tubing.

Two tools are available depending on the requirements of the job. The Sand Pump, available for all standard sizes of casing, is designed to operate in either light or heavy fluids with equal efficiency. The Bailer generates tremendous velocity in the fluid surges, sweeping foreign matter in the retaining section of the tool.

Contact a Cavins service representative to find out which tool is right for your operations.