Cavins Washover and Retrieving Tool (W.O.R.T.)

The Cavins “WORT” is used to wash or bail sand from around a fish and retrieve the fish in one trip. It is especially useful for cleaning off sand and debris from atop a packer or bridge plug and retrieving the plug in one trip. The design of the “WORT” allows unrestricted flow of fluids during the retrieval procedure. Its use assures the removal of all sand and debris from around a fishing neck and above a packer or bridge plug.


  • May be used in conjunction with almost all sizes of retrieving tools and overshot
  • Circulation of fluid and debris is not restricted while a retrieving tool or overshot is engaged upon a fishing neck
  • May be used with or without Cavins bailing tools


The Cavins “WORT” is made up to the lower end of the tubing or drill pipe. The work string is run in the hole until fill or debris is encountered. Reverse circulation of fluid is achieved with the rig pump or a hydrostatic bailing valve. The flow path of fluids through the “WORT” is shown by arrows in the illustration. Fluid from the casing flows into the guide shoe and by the outside of the fishing neck and retrieving tool. Fluid enters the work string through ports above the retrieving tool. The sand and debris removed from atop the packer and around the fishing neck is circulated to the surface. When the “WORT” is used with a Cavins hydrostatic bailing assembly, a flapper type check valve is run above the “WORT” to trap debris and solids within the work string.