Zone Treating Packer

Formation Treating Tools & Services

The Cavins Corporation specializes in breaking down and removing foreign matter in screen openings and perforations with tools that may be run on wireline, tubing, or drill pipe.

Our services are renowned for being useful when:
  • The perforation channel is compacted with formation
  • There is restricted flow caused by mudcake, chemical precipitates or other fines that may seal the face of the formation.
  • The well must be prepared for an initial gravel pack or the remains of a previous gravel pack must be recovered prior to a recompletion.
  • Washing the perforations would result in possible formation damage from excessive loss of fluid under low bottom-hole pressure conditions, and the perforations cannot be effectively washed when it is impossible to maintain circulation.
  • Acidizing is not desirable.


The services we are able to provide in these instances include: Selective acidizing w/ straddle packer, Perforation Washing, Casing Swabbing, and Backsurging. Modern completion and production technology demands a service whereby the formation can be cleaned and/or treated selectively foot-by-foot. The Cavins Zone Treating Packer (ZTP) meets these demands! Flexibility in packer-cup spacing provides selectivity within a zone or isolation of a complete zone. This type of treatment permits bypassing of undesirable sections and assures uniform penetration of selected zones.

In addition to the principal functions of perforation washing and selective acidizing, this tool provides services such as swab testing, screen cleaning, and testing for zone-to-zone communication.

The versatility of the ZTP makes it a superior tool for all producing, water supply, and saltwater disposal wells. It overcomes specific problems of conventional treating methods such as erratic distribution and exposure of sections not meant for treatment. The ZTP is run on tubing or drill pipe. This tool is available for use within 2-3/8” to 11-3/4” tubing and casing.

With packer cups properly spaced and the bottom cup reversed, any zone can be isolated. With the circulating valve closed, extraneous pressures are blocked. In this manner it is possible to swab test or pressure test for zone-to-zone communication, or to establish an injection rate. (Fig. 1)

When it is known that a well is to be swab-tested after a perforation washing and/or acidizing job, the Zone Treating Packer will be dressed accordingly, and a test packer will be run “piggy-back.” Upon completion of the wash or acid job, the “piggy back” packer will be set in the appropriate place and the well “swabbed in” through the Zone Treating Packer without the need for an extra trip in the hole. (Fig. 2)